Ingegni offers

Tailored professional network infrastructures


Network infrastructure and frequency scanning

Design and implementation of high-speed wired and wireless networks that cover the entire location where service is required. With the addition of frequency scanning, which allows all devices access to reliable Internet connectivity.


Network security and privacy

Protection of sensitive information and adherence to protocols. Encrypted communications and data transfers, secure from unauthorized access.


Live streaming services

Live streaming solutions that allow hosts to broadcast their events to a global audience in real time, by letting users experience the event as if they are physically present.


Camera and Light Control

Custom wired and wireless facilities to control lights and cameras locally and remotely.


IT Support

On-site IT support throughout the project. Technicians on hand to resolve any network issues while minimizing downtime.


5G and Satellite Aggregation

Temporary Internet connectivity solutions for outdoor events or remote locations. Advanced technologies that can be used to provide Internet access in areas where connectivity is difficult.


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